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Guide to Judo terminology in a contest...

Referee’s words that control a contest:

Rei Bow in respect at the start of a contest
Hajime Begin or start contest
Matte Stop
Osaekomi Hold down on
Toketa Hold down broken
Sona-mama Freeze
Yoshi Carry on/continue
Hikiwake Drawn contest
Hantei Referee’s decision after drawn contest
Encho-sen Extended match “golden score”
Sore-made End of contest
Maitta Submission/ tap out – tap twice

Scores/points won in judo from a throw or hold down

Ippon 10 pts knock-out or 25 secs osaekomi
Waza-ari-awaste-ippon Two 7pts throws equal full ippon or two 20 secs osaekomi
Waza-ari 7pts throw or 20 –24 secs in osaekomi
Yuko 5pts throw or 15-19 secs in osaekomi


Hansoku-make = disqualification
In contest judo each penalty/foul is awarded as a shido. This gives your opponent a Koka. Each time you are awarded a penalty the score will increase for your opponent eg your second foul will give your opponent a yuko. A player is only allowed a maximum of 3 shido’s the fourth will lead to Hansoku-make.